How to restore mac data from Time Machine backup effectively

About Mac OS X

Who in the world will not like to possess the Apple gadgets. It is one of the most fantastic devices to have. And Mac OS x is the advanced operating system. Its smooth operation and latest features are very much advantageous to the users in many ways. And working on Mac OS x is really really gives a great experience. In fact, Mac OS x is considered to be the most secured OS which prevents frequent data loss and therefore, Mac OS X users store all their important data on it. But many a times, due to some unfortunate situations, Mac OS X data can be lost and get deleted due to some or other reasons. Few of the common possible reasons for the data loss are illustrated below:


Common data loss scenarios on Mac

  • Virus and malware attack
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Formatting of Mac hard drive
  • Corruption in the volume or Master Directory Block Corruption
  • Disk initialization issue
  • Abrupt termination of the system

Problems faced by users after data loss

Users consider Mac OS X to be the most safe and secured operating system and thus save all their stuffs like images, videos, music, and all other such important files and documents are saved here. But once, the data is lost, the user is unable access any of the Mac file. The reason is very obvious, that the stored data is corrupted or deleted due to any of the reason mentioned above. And the system starts up showing some error messages like:

  • Invalid header file
  • Bad disk
  • Disk can’t be read
  • Mac Volume not working
  • Hard drive fails to mount
  • Unmountable file system error

When you encounter such errors, then this is a sign that you might have lost your data. However and there are few ways of creating back up of Mac data like using the built in application Time Machine. You can restore Mac data from time Machine backup.

Time Machine is a back up program which comes included with in Mac OS X which is a very easy and smooth application to use. Actually, a removable storage device is required for storing the data. Some network drives can also be used but the space must be large enough to store all the back up say something around 300GB or larger would be safe. The steps followed to restore Mac from Time Machine are given below:

Step 1:

The moment you plug in the external device to the Mac, Time Machine will ask to whether you wish to use it for Back up.

Step 2:

Click over Use as Backup Disk and Time Machine preferences will show up and the the Backup will be run automatically.

Step 3:

Option to Save disk space: Time machine also facilitates with the option to conserve space on the disk as you can be selective with the data you need to back up by choosing the preference “Do not back up” and excluding files or applications you don’t want to restore.

Step 4:

The first Back up takes much time as all the stuffs are copied but later, every other hour, Time Machine will automatically keep saving the changes and creating additional back until the device is connected to Mac.

Step 5:

In case, your Backup drive is full, the Time Machine will automatically delete the oldest backups, creating some space for newer ones.

However, Time Machine is simple to use but still, Restore Mac from time Machine is not an efficient way of complete and appropriate data back up. It functions too slowly which is very frustrating and annoying. Many a times, it fails to respond and display errors. And more than often, it may even aggravate the problems. Therefore, if you want a fast and complete systematic Mac data Backup then, you must opt for the third party Mac OS X data recovery tool.



All about Mac data recovery tool

When a Mac user have lost, deleted or formatted his Mac files data accidentally or for whatsoever reason, he thinks that retrieving data is impossible. But this is not true there is a brilliant tool available for restoring the lost Mac data. Mac data recovery tool is the ultimate solution for creating Backup of your deleted or lost Mac files. Its advantageous features make it a powerful tool to fix the data loss issue in Mac OS X. It takes very less time to create a back up of the formatted or lost data. The tool has been designed by expert professionals with all the latest techniques and with a simple user-friendly interface, that even a novice can takes a hand on. In few minutes and clicks, you can get he data restored. The outstanding features of Mac data recovery tool are given below which makes it such an effective and efficient tool:

  • Designed with robust algorithms and latest techniques
  • Designed with auto scan utility
  • Comprehensively scans the Mac Hard drive to retrieve the lost data
  • Provides an interactive interface to the user
  • Generates a preview of recovered data
  • The installation procedure is very simple
  • It is compatible with all Mac OS versions
  • It recovers all kinds of data from files, movies, music, photos, and all other corrupted data

How the tool works?

So if you have lost your Mac files due to any uncalled reason and you are worried that you have lost all your data, then rush off all your worries and simply install Mac data Recovery Tool and in few simple steps, all Mac data will be restored. However it is a very simple-to-use tool but given below are the steps which illustrates how the tool works:

Step 1:
Download the software and install using quick installation wizard. Keep following the next steps in the wizard until the software is successfully installed.


Step 2:
Now launch the application and specify the volume for recovery of data.


Step 3:
Specify the file from where recovery needs to be done.


Step 4:
Click over “Start Scan” and the comprehensive scanning will start up automatically.


Step 5:
When the scanning is completed, software will generate a preview of all the recovered files along with the deleted ones. You can save the restore the covered files in the desired location.


 If you have any doubt about the working efficiency of Mac data recovery tool, then you can use its free trial version to witness its efficiency and judge the tool on its performance before buying the licensed tool. This free demo version will recover all the data and enlist a preview of the recovered data, but it does not provides an option to save the data. If you think it worked, you can buy the license key of Mac data Recovery tool and save the recovered data immediately.


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